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How-to workshops

Get hands-on help with planning your crowdfunding campaign. We provide you with all the tools you need to plan a succesfull crowdfunding campaign and help you through the process.


A MasterClass in crowdfunding will give you the overall understanding of what crowdfunding is and how you can use it, along with the general tools to start planning your own campaign.


Get an in-depth analysis of how your company can tap into ‘The Power of the Crowd’ through crowdfunding and/or crowdsourcing.

About us

img_2707You’ve probably heard about crowdfunding. But what is it? What does it do? And how can YOUR company tap into it?

NinjaConsult offers MasterClasses in crowdfunding, How-to workshops where we go through your campaign step-by-step and we can even help you figure out how an established company can tap into ‘The Power of the Crowd’!

Kristine Pontoppidan is the Founder of NinjaConsult. Prior to NinjaConsult Kristine has worked at the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Trade Council, working primarily with entrepreneurial policies and crowd economy, including crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and sharing economy.
Kristine took the jump from intrapreneur to entrepreneur in 2015 and alongside NinjaConsult also sits at the board of the Danish startup foundation WeLoveStartups.

How Governments Can Support the Growing Crowd Economy

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